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New product info and highlights

World Class Fireworks is introducing thirty-nine new products this year! From artillery shells to novelties, we’re sure to have whatever you’re looking for. Click here to see the complete list.

Growler: Don’t miss out on this one! These Brand new 5” Canister Super Shells are packed with the maximum allowed charge! These thunderous breaks and vibrant colors will be the highlight of the holiday!

Gorilla Chopper: With forty-nine shots, this 200-gram cake is one of the largest show starters available. A twelve second display of colorful palm effects is sure to start the night off right.



United We Ride is a colorful twenty second display with eight different effects and forty-two shots. This show starter will bring out the American in all of us.



Civil War will WOW with its beautiful brocade effects in many different colors. You will love the unique palm effect and the two-shot finale!



Apache Strike is a 500-gram cake with fifty-six shots, it also includes five different effects and seven colors!



There are plenty of new fountains to choose from as well! Liberty is the new 500-gram fountain, it has lots of color and a big crackle finish. Other new fountains to choose from include Pour Another, Happy Hour, and Screwball.



This year’s new novelties are Dragon, Skull Fountain, Unicorn Fountain, and Mr. Poop.

There just isn’t enough room to put every new product on this list, so make sure to check our complete list of new products today!


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