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Pick Your Favorite Favorite World Class Fireworks of 2016

We all had those fireworks that blew our mind this year. The ones that outperformed our expectations and left everyone in awe. Now is the time to let everyone know and vote for your favorite...

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4th of July - Overseas Military Edition

With military personnel stationed all over the world, it's natural to think that everybody celebrates the 4th of July just like we do in the states. However, while many overseas celebrations are very...

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FREE 100 Pack Firecrackers Coupon

Bring this coupon with you on your trip to Jake's Fireworks.  Get 100 pack of FREE Firecrackers with any purchase.  

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Buy One Get One FREE Firework Coupons Continue

Get Buy One Get One FREE on Ground Bloom Flowers and Single Night Parachutes.  The Ground Bloom Flowers put out lots of energy and color. The Single Night Parachute is a must for the kids.

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Save on 2 Classic Fireworks - Sparklers and 100 Magical Barrage

There are some staples that are at every 4th of July celebration.  Save on two of these traditional favorites today.  Check out the video for the Magical Barrage - it is a must have at this price.

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