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300 Shot Saturn Missile Battery Only $8.99 and Buy One Get One Poopy Puppy

Save on 2 of our most popular fireworks today.  The 300 Shot Saturn Missile Battery is only $8.99 with the below coupon.  The Poopy Puppy is a customer favorite with both kids and adults.  Watch the ...

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Be a Backyard Hero with Jake's Snapchat Geofilters


Be a Backyard Hero

Are you a Backyard Hero? Do you put on the best shows in the neighborhood and impress your friends and family every year?...

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Buy One Get One Free 200g Show Starters and Alien Fountain only $5.99

Start lighting up the sky with 200g Show Starters with this Buy One Get One FREE coupon.  We carry a wide a selection of Show Starters to choose from - watch our videos and have your favorites in mind...

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Employee Favorite Fireworks

Our employees here at Jake’s are no different than you. They have their favorite fireworks that they can’t wait to shoot off come July 4th. Curious what they are? We’ve asked a couple of them to...

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Buy One Get One FREE Fountains And More...

Take advantage of these great firework coupons on Fountains, Desert Smoke, and Roman candles. This is a great chance to save big on your favorite World Class Fountains. Pick up the long duration...

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Fourth of July on a Budget

It's always nice to have some extra cash to throw around when a holiday comes up, but it doesn't always happen. However, it doesn't mean that your holiday celebrations have to be any less fun or feel...

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Folds Of Honor Hummer Tour and Firework Sale

Jake’s Fireworks has always placed an emphasis on family. By partnering with the Folds of Honor Foundation, we are able to give back to the families of the brave men and women of the U.S. Armed...

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Best Firework Shows Around the World


Don’t get us wrong, small neighborhood fireworks shows are definitely entertaining. But can you imagine how spectacular it is when you magnify this flashing, booming...

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Father's Weekend Coupons - Buy One Get One - Ends Sunday Night

Spend time with dad this weekend lighting up the sky, just like old times. We are having a special Buy One Get One Coupon event this weekend only in honor of all the World Class dads out there. Get...

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Why the Fireworks Business is Right For You

Fireworks are a "booming" business in the United States (pun intended!). But, while selling them may be a blast, the industry offers very real opportunities for successful entrepreneurs.

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New Fireworks For 2016

Be sure to check out the new fireworks for 2016 when you are shopping for your celebrations.  This year's product line from World Class Fireworks is full of new effect combinations and vibrant colors.  

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The Benefits of Coordinating a Neighborhood Fireworks Show

Planning a neighborhood fireworks show for the 4th of July may seem a little over-the-top if you don't usually celebrate in big style. However, there are many benefits to combining your efforts with...

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Pre-Father's Day Firework Coupons

Coupons on Family Pack Fireworks and More

Huge savings in this week's firework coupons on many items including Family Pack Assortments, Artillery Kits, Frog Prince Fountain and Smoke Balls.   Hurry and...

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Early Bird Specials This Weekend Only

Excalibur Firework Coupons and More

Take advantage of our Early Bird Coupons this weekend, including a rare coupon for the Excalibur Artillery Shells.  Hurry and get to a Jake's Fireworks near you -...

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The Evolution of the 4th of July

Celebrating America's Independence

In 1776, John Adams wrote home to his wife Abigail, that the day would be celebrated by future generations with "Pomp and Parade...Games, Sports, Guns, Bells,...

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2016 Fireworks Law Changes - West Virginia, Texas

Over the years, legislators have evolved state laws about the use and sale of fireworks to give individuals a better fireworks experience and business success. Pyrotechnic fun is a popular pastime...

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Fundraising With Fireworks

Fundraising. What starts as a great concept on paper often becomes the nightmare of parents across the nation. How much work can it be to send children out, with their puppy-dog eyes and toothy grins...

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