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Fundraising With Fireworks

Fundraising. What starts as a great concept on paper often becomes the nightmare of parents across the nation. How much work can it be to send children out, with their puppy-dog eyes and toothy grins at full power, to solicit a few bucks from every local business and homeowner in sight? Apparently, a lot. You soon find yourself doing the very work your kids have been commissioned to do. Only, tears have replaced the puppy-dog eyes as you beg coworkers, aunts and uncles, and family pets for any cent they can spare. This, my friends, is the dreaded myth of fundraising that often stops groups from trying before they even start.

How to find sucess

But this doesn’t have to be the reality. I’ve experienced many seasons of fundraising. Some were unbelievably successful, others were a struggle similar to what I have described. You know what I have learned?

Fundraising works when you offer a product someone already plans to buy.

It may seem obvious, but ignoring this point is a pitfall that often dooms fundraisers from the get-go. When you offer something your customer plans to buy, fundraising evolves from a one-sided “charity” (your customer essentially “gives” you money for a product that doesn’t meet an existing need) to a two-sided exchange. You become a business that can provide a product that someone actually wants. This is a much healthier fundraising model, wouldn’t you agree?

So, what do fireworks have to do with fundraising?

Imagine you are holding a fundraiser in the late spring. The weather is getting warmer, school kids are losing focus, and outdoor BBQs are becoming more common. On top of this, the local grocery store has just put out their Fourth of July decorations, and firework tents are popping up across the city. With the upcoming holiday already on the minds of your potential customers, a fireworks fundraiser is an excellent option. Still not convinced? Check out our list of the Top 5 Reasons to Fundraise with Fireworks. 

Download Top 5 Reasons To Fundraise with Fireworks

Go ahead, I’ll wait.                                

Fundraising with Jake's

Convinced yet? Then you’ll love this! Jake’s Fireworks makes this fundraising easy. We provide an attention-grabbing tent, necessary materials for set-up and takedown, and sales tools for the tent, including branded posters, signage, and price tags. Your tent will benefit from local brand- level advertising that would typically cost hundreds of dollars. We have a well-qualified team of professional support staff that is available to take your questions before, during, and after the season.

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Happy fundraising!


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