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3.10.20 China Update

Chinese authorities have reported the fewest number of new cases of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) since infections started being tracked in January. In the latest situation report from the World Health Organization, China reported 23 new cases in the last 24 hours, down from 46 cases the previous day. However, the epidemic continues to spread rapidly to countries outside of China, with new cases in three new areas – Bangladesh, Albania and Paraguay – announced yesterday. 

China, the largest producer of fireworks, has experienced 80,904 confirmed cases of Coronavirus. Fireworks production, and the production of many other goods, has been halted by this novel virus. Most of the fireworks production has been at a standstill since December 6 due to fireworks factory shutdowns mandated by the Chinese government. The Coronavirus has affected production AND global shipping, upsetting supply chains and logistics of exported goods.

Customer satisfaction is our priority during this time. Although there are many unknowns as to when all fireworks factory employees will return to work and normal production will resume, we aim to keep our customers updated as we navigate these unforeseen circumstances. 

3.10.20 – Here’s What We Know

  • 50 – 80% of factory employees have returned to work
  • Factory production is slow due to increased safety protocols
  • Although some factories have reopened, some employees are unable to travel to work due to large quarantine zones in China.
  • We suspect shipping out of China will occur in the next few days as products start to move from the factories into warehouses.

There is no question that the Coronavirus has made a huge impact on the entire fireworks industry. We recommend that wholesale customers place their orders now to improve their chances of receiving their fireworks shipment in time for the Fourth of July. Due to the fireworks shortage, factories may be at capacity next year as wholesale customers place large orders to try to resupply their inventory. As a precaution, we recommend placing next year’s orders as soon as possible. If you have questions or would like to place an order, please contact your sales rep. 

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