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Fireworks Safety

We all have those crazy memories from when we were younger, or we at least heard the stories about dad and his brothers that one time.

Yes, fireworks are the wonderous product of choice for celebrating a special event with friends and family. Fireworks light up the night and play a huge role in life’s biggest event, but . . .  

Are You Handling Fireworks Safely? 

Though the outlandish tales of what so-and-so did when they were “young and dumb” bring a good laugh (or a shiver down your spine), that doesn’t mean anyone should aspire to do the same. Believe it or not, fireworks can be dangerous if they aren’t used with care and attention! 

Here at Jake’s, we are firm believers of handling fireworks properly. We want everyone to have the best time ever, but without the horror storiesSo, without further ado, check out our tips and tricks for fireworks safety! 

Fireworks Safety 


  • Wear safety glasses if you are lighting fireworks. 
  • Always have adult supervision. 
No Alcohol 
  • Alcohol and fireworks cause dangerous situations. 
  • Read directions and never experiment with homemade fireworks. 
  • Stand back after lighting a firework. 
  • Always place fireworks on a hard, level surface. 
Dispose Correctly 
  • Correctly dispose of all unused fireworks. 
  • Keep a bucket full of water (or a garden hose) nearby. 
  • Keep pets away from the fireworks (some animals react poorly to fireworks). 
Download a printable PDF with these safety reminders HERE.


Sparkler Safety 

6 Feet Apart 
  • Stand while using sparklers. 
  • Stay 6 feet apart with sparklers at arm’s length and away from your body. 
  • Do not hold children while they are using sparklers. 
  • Wear closed-toe shoes. 
Do Not Throw 
  • Do not throw sparklers. 
  • Place used sparklers in a bucket of water after using them. The stick or wire end may remain hot for a period after use. 
Do Not Run 
  • Do not run with sparklers. 
  • Always have adult supervision. 
One at a Time 
  • Do not hand a lit sparkler to someone or light more than one at a time. 
Want to download these tips for a visual, handy reminder? Click HERE for the download.


Additional Safety Tips 

Check out additional safety information / news from the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the National Council on Fireworks Safety. Some of the tips are as follows: 

  • Always read and follow label directions. 
  • Have an adult present. 
  • Buy from reliable sellers. 
  • Used outdoors only. 
  • Always have water handy. 
  • Never experiment or make your own fireworks. 
  • Light only one firework at a time. 
  • Never re-light a “dud” firework (wait 15 to 20 minutes, and then soak it in a bucket of water). 
  • Never give fireworks to small children. 
  • If necessary, store fireworks in a cool, dry place. 
  • Dispose of fireworks properly by soaking them in water and disposing of them in your trashcan. 
  • Never throw or point fireworks at other people. 
  • Never carry fireworks in your pocket. 
  • Never shoot fireworks in metal or glass containers. 
  • The firework lighter should always wear eye protection and never have any part of the body over the firework. 
  • Stay away from illegal explosives. 

Enjoy Your Fireworks with Safety and a Smile! 


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