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Fundraise With Fireworks



Need a short fundraiser with a huge reward? Jake’s Fireworks has the answer.

Fireworks are for celebrations, and with the Fourth of July quickly approaching, your organization or group has a sparkling opportunity to turn a profit with minimal effort.

During the summer months, everyone - friends, neighbors and family - has a primary goal to fill the night sky with explosions of happiness. Think of the big tents with waving flags that every kid (and adult) wants to visit to look for that extra special firework. Now consider your group operating that tent and reaping the monetary reward - all you have to do is operate the tent and help people find what they are looking for! If you still aren’t totally convinced, check out the Top 5 Reasons to Fundraise with Fireworks.


How Long Can We Fundraise?

Fireworks tents are generally set up 7 to 14 days out of the year, though be sure to check out state laws on this. The fireworks tent operator is responsible for:

  • Being helpful when setting up the tent
  • Selling fireworks during the day
  • Securing the tent at night

All your organization needs to do is provide volunteers who are willing to give their time.


Fundraising Made Easy

 At Jake’s Fireworks, we make it easy for your group or organization to meet your financial goals. A team of professionals will be there for your questions - before, during, and after the season. Additionally, Jake’s provides the tools you need to flourish, including:

  • An eye-catching tent
  • Tools to set up and take down the tent
  • Branded posters
  • Signage
  • Price tags
  • Local advertising

Not only does Jake’s Fireworks provide the necessary tools to make your fundraiser successful, we also stock your tent with World Class Fireworks products - top sellers time and time again!



Start planning your fireworks fundraiser now!

Begin the process of planning your fireworks fundraiser today! All you need to do is fill out this form, and a representative will contact you shortly with more information.

Happy fundraising (a.k.a spreading joy and firecrackers)!

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