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How To Save Money On Fireworks

We all want to get more bang for our buck when shopping and buying fireworks is no different.  There are several ways to save money when buying fireworks. 

-Coupons and Rewards Programs:  Make sure you are signed up to receive coupons via email or text.  For coupons only text FIREWORKS to 55678 and for coupons and rewards join our VIP program for Free here  Both are free and simple ways to receive coupons and freebie offers on your firework purchases.  Why not take advantage of our discounts and promotions?  Our VIP Rewards program is a great way to earn free fireworks by accumulating your purchases and getting rewarded based on your spend.

-Stock Up On Novelties and Smaller Items:  Having plenty of novelties, sparklers, Roman candles and the like, will help keep the celebration going before and in between the aerials fireworks without breaking your wallet.  These items are fun classics like snakes, smoke bombs, sparklers, flashing signals, and much more....  Check out Patriot Sticks, new this year and last 2 minutes

-Fountains, Fountains, and More Fountains:  Essential to any backyard celebration, fountains have come a long way.  They are not the 20 second spark shower cone fountains from years ago.  Fountains can put on an amazing show and can last 2-3 minutes each depending on the item.  Today's fountains have rich vibrant colors and effects that will get everyone's attention - like the Mammoth Fountain shown below.  Click here for some World Class fountains that have a long duration 

Video Thumbnail
Video Thumbnail

-Mix 200g Multi-shot Cakes with 500g Multi-shot Cakes:  There is no doubt that World Class brand 500g cakes are the biggest and baddest in the consumer fireworks world.  However mixing in your aerial fireworks display with some 200g cakes will help stretch the dollar.   World Class has a strong line up of 200g cakes that seem to get better every year.  Some of the stand outs in recent years have been - Anubis, Call Me Wayne, American Anthem, and Just Hanging.  See our full line of 200g aerial cakes here.

Video Thumbnail
Video Thumbnail

-Utilize Long Duration 500g Finale Cakes:  Some of our most popular 500g finale cakes Gorilla Warfare, Fighting Rooster, and America's Glory are amazing high energy fireworks that paint the sky with color.  Make the euphoria last by alternating these high energy cakes with some great longer lasting finale fireworks like; Loyal to None, Kill Bill, and Captain Jake.  For more long lasting finale fireworks see here.

-Shop at Jake's Fireworks:  We have the most competitive prices in the industry.  Plus we offer tons of great coupons and freebies throughout the year. Find a Jake's Fireworks store near you.

The bottom line is that you do not need to break the bank to have an amazing fireworks celebration. 

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