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Keeping Pets Calm During Fireworks

Keeping Pets Calm During Fireworks

Independence Day is one of the most exciting celebrations of the year! While you may love fireworks and other festivities, your four-legged furry friend might not.

Here are a few simple ways to keep your pet calm and safe for the Fourth of July!

The easiest thing you can do to keep calm, is to keep yourself calm. Animals have strange way of picking up on human emotions, if you are stressed your pet can pick up on it and exhibit that same emotion or behavior.

Crowds are no fun for pets. They can be frightened or disoriented by the sound, so opt to keep them away from the festivities and in a quiet, safe place instead.

Keep your pet indoors if possible. It’s a good idea to keep them indoors so they are safe and less likely to be scared by the fireworks. If your dog needs to be outside, make sure they have a collar on and their tags are up to date! Your dog may try to escape, and in the event he or she does, you will want to have a way for someone to contact you when they find your pet.

Make sure your pet has a safe, quiet space. If your pet has a crate they like, that might be the best option. Keep the windows, curtains, and doors closed to help give your pet a sense of security during events where they can be easily stressed.

Distract them. Leave your pet with their favorite toys to distract them from bright lights and loud noises. If you are keeping your pet in a room with a tv, it might help to have it on at a low volume to act as a distractor.

Never use fireworks around your pet! A curious pet could be seriously injured by lit fireworks, even unlit fireworks pose a threat. Keep all unlit fireworks out of reach of your pet, as many of them contain potentially toxic substances.

Give your pets treats! Reward them for good behavior and being calm and they’re more likely to know how to behave the next time too!

While the above tips are helpful, you know your pet best and will know what will or won’t work. Hopefully these tips help to provide you and your pet a happy holiday!

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