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2020 World Class Fireworks Catalog

This has been an interesting year for fireworks to say the least. The last 12 months have been difficult for fireworks manufacturers due to numerous factory shutdowns. The first hit to fireworks production occurred in July when excessive heat caused the Chinese Government to order a mandatory shutdown of all factories for a "Summer Break." This break was extended to run through the National Day of the People's Republic of China celebration until October 15.

Shortly after the factories reopened, an explosion in Liuyang prompted another three week mandatory shutdown. All factories closed for 2-3 weeks in celebration of Chinese New Year (January 25). The Coronavirus outbreak began during this time, which influenced Chinese officials to extend the Chinese New Year closures, halting fireworks production entirely for nearly 3 months. Production issues in China and then shutdowns related to the Corona virus during peak production times led to some challenges - but that hasn't stopped Jake's Fireworks!  

Our team has been working around the clock to make sure we have stock for this season and also to make sure we receive our new products in time for the Fourth of July.  We do expect that the consumer fireworks industry as a whole will experience shortages.  The best way to ensure that you have all fireworks you expect to sell this Summer is to order early.  Our goal is to make sure this Fourth of July is the biggest fireworks celebration our country has ever seen! 

Wholesale customers can expect to receive catalogs and price lists in the mail very soon. 

2020 World Class Fireworks Catalog CLICK HERE



Notes on the 2020 Catalog:

3D Labels - We have a great line up of new 500g and 200g cakes and fountains this year.  Some of these fireworks even feature a beautiful, colorful 3D label.  We are very excited about these new labels and we know your customer will be as well.  The 3D labels turned out great with lots of movement and depth.  Look for the "3D Label" icon next to the products in the catalog.  Check out a couple sample videos below.

Show to Go Cartons - We are very excited to announce the Show to Go cartons, brand new for 2020. You will find these cartons on page 65, between the 500g cakes and 200g cakes sections.  These highly decorated cases contain assortments of cakes.  Perfect for your customers who want to put on an aerial display without the guesswork of what to buy.  These cases look great and will be something you'll want in your store. 


Novelties - Our Novelty category has undergone a large expansion recently.  We now have 8 pages in the catalog dedicated to Novelties.  Included in this expansion is the much anticipated addition of Adult Snappers. 






2020 World Class Fireworks Catalog CLICK HERE



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