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6 Tips How To Shoot Fireworks At Home

Planning a July 4th Fireworks party at your house?  Imagine the excitement of the crowd when you shoot off some fireworks and hand out sparklers to the kids. Nothing makes a better end to a great 4th than your own fireworks display.  Whether you are planning a July 4th fireworks display for family, friends, co-workers or your whole neighborhood, you will have a bigger, better and safer display if you follow these 6 tips:

#1 Research Local Laws

Before you purchase your fireworks, be sure to find out what you can, and can't do in your city area.  You might find these regulations on the internet page of your city or county.  If not, then give the fire department or city officials a call.

#2 Only Buy Legal July 4th Fireworks

You may be tempted by the cheaper prices offered by someone selling fireworks from their truck by the side of the road, but it isn't worth the risk.  How can you tell if the fireworks are legal?  There will be a label on them with the manufacturer's name and the directions on how to shoot it off.

#3 Let the Neighbors Know

Fireworks are not meant to be hidden.  Even if you don't tell them about it, some of your neighbors are bound to come over to enjoy them.   To help your neighbors enjoy your efforts and not complain about them, invite them over for the show.

#4  Plan Your July 4th Fireworks Sequence

Ever been to a big fireworks display that made you wait for long minutes in between the fireworks?  At your home July 4th fireworks, no one expects a Disney quality show, but they will appreciate your time and effort more if you've planned everything out ahead of time.  Write down the order to help you remember. Most fireworks displays start small and then end with an amazing climax.  Plan yours to wow the crowd!

#5 Get Your July 4th Fireworks Music Ready

Whether you use country, rock, classical, pop or patriotic tunes, your July 4th fireworks will be be more of a hit if you plan to set them off with music.  If you get really ambitious, you can even plan to synchronize the music with your firework display.

#6 Prepare the Space for your July 4th Fireworks to Keep People Safe

Make sure there is a viewing place for people which is far enough away from the fireworks.  Be especially careful to keep children away from the fireworks. Have ready:

  • A metal box to store fireworks inside.
  • A water bucket (or two) for sparklers and to put out any fires.
  • Gloves and safety glasses for person setting off fireworks.
  • A tub of dirt to put used fireworks in.
  • Bricks rocks, pipes and other stabilizers as listed on the July 4th fireworks labels.
  • Fire extinguisher or big squirt gun for putting out fireworks. 

#6 Lighting up the Sky with July 4th Fireworks!

Get some help.  One person can keep track of which fireworks are next and being sure that the used fireworks are put in the bucket of dirt.  Another person can be in charge of keeping the crowd out of danger.  The third person can actually set up and light the fireworks.   That person should:

  • Take the fireworks one at a time out of the metal box. 
  • Set them on cement to light them, or follow other directions on firework.
  • Position fireworks so that the audience is upwind of them.
  • Use brick or blocks of concrete or pipes to stabilize July 4th fireworks and make sure they point the right direction.
  • Check to make sure everyone is out of the way.
  • Light the firework using a taper at arm's length.
  • Quickly get out of the way.

Having a July 4th Fireworks show at your home is a bit of work, but the oohs and aaas of the crowd will make it all worth it!


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