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Backyard Fireworks - Tips For Enjoying Your Independence Day

Independence Day is one of the most special holidays in our nation.  It is uniquely ours and it a day when everyone feels united by a common theme:  American Pride. Synonymous with Fourth of July are Parades, BBQs, Block Parties, the colors Red, White, & Blue, Old Glory, and of course - Fireworks.  

If you are preparing for this year's Independence Day celebration, we wanted to share a few tips that will help you create the best backyard July 4th fireworks display ever!

3 Tips For Enjoying Backyard July 4th Fireworks

1)  Collaborate

Stupendous firework displays are dependent on two things: quantity and quality, not necessarily in that order. If you live in a neighborhood where July 4th Fireworks are celebrated, see if you can rally the troops and create a collaborative firework show.  The more people sharing the expenses, the more fireworks you will be able to afford.  

Collaborating your fireworks show with neighbors also ensures that everyone's favorite July 4th fireworks are included, from the old fashioned Sparklers for the kids, to the fountains and repeaters that wow the crowds. Get a large variety and as many as you can afford, to make your July 4th fireworks show last as long as possible.

2.  Choreograph It

If you haven't done this in the past, this should be the goal for this year's neighborhood July 4th firework show. Nobody knows your audience better than you do.  Get a list of songs that are audience appropriate and start thinking about how to make them come to life with your July 4th fireworks.  Try to include a variety of music so that everyone is moved.  

Choreography takes a good deal of planning so you will want to start now. First, you need to know how much time it takes for each shell to go off after the fuse is lit.  Print the lyrics to the songs you want to use (or, if you a musician - you can print the score!), grab a timer, and listen to the songs repeatedly. Once you have figured out which July 4th fireworks you want to use at certain parts of the song, start timing backwards from where you want the shells to go off. 

Depending on where you are going to have your show, you will want to consider the display's overall effects in terms of left to right and high to low.  In other words, if you want a really killer show, you want the fireworks to be choreographed spatially, as well as musically.

Your neighborhood will never forget your July 4th fireworks show if it's choreographed. Don't be surprised if the surrounding neighborhoods start showing up for your July 4th fireworks show next year.

3.  Play It Safe

You've been told this since you learned to read: follow instructions.  Firework manufacturers always have safe operating procedures printed on their instructions.  Follow them and your chances of causing an injury are reduced greatly.  You definitely want to have water handy - via both hoses and buckets.  Enlist some help from friends at neighboring houses to have their water handy too.  If neighbors are going to be gone, ask permission to man their hoses during the show. 

If a firework is a dud, don't try to relight it. Take it at its word and assume it doesn't work.  When your firework show is over, it's a good idea to soak all the fireworks remnants before throwing them away, just to make sure July 4th fireworks aren't exploding in your trashcan on July 5th.

Fireworks have been awing humans for thousands of years and Americans are no exception.  Everyone loves a good July 4th fireworks show.  They are fun, they are colorful, and for the true aficionado there is no better smell on earth.  Take the time to plan this year's backyard firework show and you won't regret it.  Who knows? You could become the next world renowned July 4th fireworks show designer. 

Happy Independence Day!

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