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New Back Yard Preview Updates

For the last couple years, Back Yard Preview Firework Video System has been the single best sales tool in the retail fireworks industry.  It has been that extra salesman on the showroom floor that we all needed as stores get busy. 

This year we have exciting news that new version of the Back Yard Preview system will be able to be updated by simply linking it to an internet connection as opposed to sending your USB drive in each year for replacement.   The biggest pain point with the system was sending in the USB each year for an updated version.  That is no longer the case.  We heard your feedback and invested in the technology to make these updates as simple as possible.  

If you do not have the Back Yard Preview System in your stores yet...now is the time to get one.  The system is $199 and comes with everything you need except a TV.  8All new systems have the updated software that will update over the internet, no need to send drives back for updates.  Buy One NOW

Did you buy a Back Yard Preview System(s) last year or previously that needs updated? 

You can still send in your USB drives from Free replacement with updated drives.  However your best bet is to purchase the new SSD card with new software that auto updates over the internet.  Buy the new SSD card here

Be sure to check out www.BackYardPreview.com for all the resources and tutorials you will ever need.  Plus sales and tech support help phone numbers.  back yard preview fireworks video system



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