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Celebrate Safely This Season - Fireworks Safety Tips

With the Fourth of July approaching, many people are getting ready to celebrate with fireworks. While fireworks can be a fun and exciting way to mark the occasion, it's important to remember that they can also be dangerous if not handled properly. Here are some essential tips for safely shooting fireworks on the Fourth of July:

No Alcohol: It's crucial never to handle fireworks if you have been drinking alcohol. Alcohol can impair your judgment and coordination, making it much more likely for accidents to happen. Stay sober when handling fireworks.

Supervision: Children should never be allowed to handle fireworks. Always have a responsible adult present to supervise the use of fireworks and ensure that everyone follows safety guidelines. Everyone involved in fireworks must also wear safety glasses to protect their eyes from potential debris or sparks.

Precaution: When using fireworks, it's essential to always have a bucket of water or a hose nearby in case of emergencies. Remember your ABCs—Always Brace Cakes. Multi-shot fireworks should be placed on a hard and level surface and braced with bricks or cinder blocks to keep them from tipping over. After lighting the fireworks, it's important to stand back to a safe distance to avoid any accidents.

Directions: To ensure safety, it's crucial to carefully follow all instructions and warnings on the fireworks packaging. Never experiment with homemade fireworks.

Dispose Correctly: After using the fireworks, dispose of them properly. Soak used fireworks in water before disposing them in a metal trash can. This will help prevent accidental fires.

Pets: Keep pets indoors during fireworks displays. The loud noises and bright lights can frighten animals, and they may run away in fear. Create a safe and comfortable environment for your pets during the festivities.

By following these friendly safety tips, you can ensure your Fourth of July celebration is not only a blast but safe for everyone involved. Happy Independence Day!







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