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Enjoy the 4th of July on a Budget

Celebrate the great tradition of the independence of our country with July 4th fireworks!

Nothing compares to the thrill of watching the sky light up with an array of beautiful colors and coming together with friends and family to honor the day that we became The United States of America.

Appreciated by children, and adults alike, July 4th fireworks can be enjoyed at value prices to ensure you don't break your holiday budget. Kids thrill in the excitement of sparklers, and pop its, which cost mere dollars to purchase. Adults may enjoy larger, more powerful fireworks, but these can always be enjoyed at parks and festivals for free!

Fireworks at Home

Set a budget for yourself and have an amazing display of July 4th fireworks at home! Invite friends and family, and ask all who are invited to bring a dish to share! 

The first step in planning your amazing July 4th fireworks party is creating a facebook event page. This step is vital for it will allow you to keep track of how many guests are coming. Send out the invite to your friends on facebook and ask that they respond by a certain date. For those friends who do not have facebook you could send an invite through the mail or give them a friendly phone call.

Once you have your number of attendees finalized you can begin buying supplies.Provide simple, inexpensive drinks for guests to sample. Apple juice for kids and a light beer for adults, along with water would cost little and still keep your friends and family happy.

Have your kids, or local neighbor kids help you design cheap, simple games and favors for the children who are attending to enjoy. Set up a chalk station in your driveway or patio where children can use their creativity to design beautiful chalk masterpieces while the adults socialize.

You could even make chocolate dipped strawberries by using melted chocolate chips, and dipping the delicious berries into them and then freezing. Adults and children will delight over this party treat.

Deferring the cost of the food to your guests will free up money to buy more fireworks to entertain your guests. Everyone wins, for your guests receive a fireworks show, and everything gets to enjoy a beautiful spread of dishes!

Fun for all can be had in your own backyard.  Adults can assist the children in using simple fireworks, such as sparklers. As the sun begins to set, you can begin the fireworks show.

Set up chairs or blankets and appoint one or two firework fanatics to set off the fireworks for all to enjoy! Your guests will be wowed by the beautiful colors and sounds signifying our countries independence! 

Fireworks Coupons

You will be able to find coupons in newspaper inserts and online during the fireworks selling season. You can also join VIP Firework Coupon Clubs where coupons are emailed to you during the selling season. The Jake's VIP Club members get the best available coupons and get them earlier than others. To join you just need an email address.

Attend a Local Parade or Show

Are you seeking beautiful 4th of July fireworks? Check out your local newspaper for advertisements for community shows and parades. Many of these July 4th fireworks can be viewed free of charge at local events. Check out a parade through town during the daytime hours, and arrive early to July 4th fireworks shows to ensure you get a good seat to enjoy the spectacular views. Take a blanket, a  delicious picnic, and leave the event with your wallet intact!

Buy in Bulk

It is only once a year that we get to revel in the joys of 4th of July fireworks. Therefore, it is easy to get carried away and go over budget on purchasing your favorite items. Talk with your family and friends about going in on bulk July 4th Fireworks. Set an amount you would each like to spend and work together to agree on your favorite July 4th fireworks. Once the July 4th fireworks are purchased you can divide them evenly to ensure everyone has their share share. Buying in bulk saves money and allows everyone to enjoy their favorite July 4th fireworks! You should also make sure to sign up and use your Jake's Bucks card which lets you accrue points on purchases for discounts.


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