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Firework Safety Tips and Resources

No Independence Day celebration is complete without fireworks. More important than having fun while setting off fireworks, is doing so safely so that you, your family, and friends can enjoy the holiday injury-free.

Here are some firework safety tips we at Jake’s recommend following during your Fourth of July celebration: (For more safety information and downloadable PDFs for printing see our Fireworks Safety Page)

  • Obey all local laws regarding the use of fireworks. Visit this link to our website if you are unsure of your state’s laws.
  • Know what kind of fireworks you are purchasing. Our fireworks create many different displays! Check out the fireworks types and meaning of different firework terms here.
  • Fireworks should never be used without adult supervision. Young children should not be allowed to play with or ignite fireworks. Items that parents may think are “kid-friendly”, like sparklers, can lead to serious burns and other injuries.
  • Always keep a bucket of water, water hose, or fire extinguisher nearby while igniting fireworks. It’s important to pay close attention while enjoying your home fireworks display-small fires and mishaps can usually be stopped before they become uncontrollable if you are paying attention.
  • Light fireworks on a hard surface in a wide OPEN space OUTDOORS. Never ignite anything indoors and steer clear of houses, vehicles, trees, dry grass, or anything else that could potentially catch fire.
  • Light only one firework at time, then, quickly move a safe distance (at least 20 feet) to watch the display.
  • Dispose of all spent fireworks by wetting them completely and placing them in a metal trashcan.
  • Don’t try to relight any “dud” fireworks that did not work the first time.  Leave them alone for at least 20 minutes, then, soak them in water
  • Use common sense-don’t point fireworks at others, use them as weapons, make your own or use near any open flame.

Follow our safety guidelines for a fun, safe, and injury-free experience with Jake’s Fireworks this Fourth of July holiday!  

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