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Hot Retail Items To Watch

Hot retail items to look for this year!


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Jake’s Fireworks Retail stores are stocking up to get ready for summer! They will go fast, so be sure to pick them up before they’re gone!

Here are some of the hottest products in stores!


Loyal to None

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A long time customer favorite, Loyal to None is one of the top selling 500 gram cakes! This finale features the top five effects in fireworks. Thirty-three shots travel 150-200 feet to show off stars, crackle, fish, pearls and chrysanthemum!



Thin Blue Line

Get a FREE t-shirt with purchase while supplies last!

Amazing effects, Thin Blue Line shows off four different effects in thirty-three shots! This colorful finale is not one to miss out on!




This 500 gram finale shows off brocade, glitter and star effects! Sorcerer features nine shots, the colors included are red, purple, gold, green and blue!



American Riders

American Riders is quite the stunner! Watch as fifty-three shots explode into overlapping colors and effects! Get this 500 gram finale today!



Crazy Exciting

A classic firework, Crazy Exciting is true to its name! You’ll love the crackling, mine and bouquet effects! Colors in this one includes blue, red, green and white!



Great Balls of Smoke

Days are longer in the summer, so if you don’t want to wait until it gets dark to start having fun, Great Balls of Smoke is a great daytime product!



America the Beautiful

A perfect display of pride and patriotism, you will be AWED at the beauty in this twelve shot firework show!



American Pyro

Be the envy of your neighborhood! Sixteen colorful shots will end the night right!



Bite your Tushy

A centerpiece for any celebration, these twenty-four shots glitter and whistle in the sky! This show starter includes blue, green, pink, red, silver and yellow.



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