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How to Become A Fireworks Dealer With Jake's

We want YOU!

Each year, families and individuals trek to their local tents, stands or retail stores to purchase fireworks. Sometimes, they make several trips to buy more pyrotechnic fun. They fill sacks, carts and their pickup trucks full of fireworks to light up the night sky.

But, without dealers, none of this is possible. Someone has to set up the tent, unpack the product and sell the fireworks. It's not a very glamorous job. And, it's a lot of hard work. But every year, customers return to their favorite vendors to buy fireworks, time and time again. And, their favorite vendor could be you.

Annually, the nation's firework industry is worth over $800 million in revenue. Each dealer in the United States contributes to these sales, making profits through their endeavors. And, while there is no guarantee that you're going to get rich as a retailer, the chances of you making a darn good income for your efforts is what we focus on.

Jake's Fireworks is looking for people with entrepreneurial spirit. These people need to be enthusiastic, patient, hard working and honest. They need to make an effort to understand their products. They have to be willing to spend time with customers, ensuring they get the help they need to pick out the products they are looking for. And, finally, these people have to be willing to roll up their sleeves and put in some pretty hectic hours.

But, the payoff can be significantly rewarding.

So, does this describe you? Are you interested? Would you like to make some impressive income in a fairly short amount of time? Read on for why Jake's Fireworks could be for you!

Benefits of becoming a fireworks dealer with Jake's: 

  1. Jake's Fireworks stands for quality. If you're going to be putting in long hours and exerting a LOT of hard work, you want to make sure that your efforts will pay off, right? Of course! And, you want to know that the product you're selling is a good one, right? Yes!

 With Jake's Fireworks, there isn't a question about whether you're selling something good. Easily      considered the "gold standard" for fireworks sold in the U.S., World Class Fireworks (sold by Jake's    Fireworks) stand up to quality assurance testing, provide the most recent developments in the industry  and feature sizes for every celebration.

  1. Jake's Fireworks makes it easy. With a nearly turn-key solution for fireworks sales, the experts offer you their knowledge, advice and support. From marketing materials to advice on set up and teardown to the ordering process, Jake's Fireworks tries to make it as easy as possible for you to succeed by providing you with tools to help you thrive.
  1. Jake's Fireworks has experience. Having been in the business for nearly 80 years, they have brand recognition like no one else in the business. They have been through nearly every situation imaginable, dealt with all of the laws and know what they're doing. You get to capitalize on that expertise. Other companies can't offer that at the same level. The customer service you receive is incomparable and the input you get is invaluable.

With all of that being said, Jake's Fireworks says, "We want YOU!"

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