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How To Properly Shoot An Excalibur Artillery Shell

For those of you fortunate enough to live where Jake’s is still open – we’re talking to you Indianapolis and Michigan! – we have a little tip on the proper way to shoot America’s No. 1 selling firework, Excalibur.

The Excalibur aerial firework by World-Class has become a must-have for any well respected American firework show, (where permitted by law of course). However, most Backyard Heroes – that’s you – only need a few supplies from the garage before starting your show.

The mortar tubes provided in the Excalibur box are better than any cardboard or fiberglass tube and will last thousands of uses before they need replacing. Some people like to collect these for future shows; it never hurts to have extra tubes. (We can’t stress this enough however: As with any Jake’s Fireworks and World-Class products, only use the mortar tubes that come with Excalibur, as substituting a non-approved version might result in serious injury to yourself or spectators.)

Despite what you see on YouTube you don't need to build a mortar-rack to get the safety and flexibility that a rack provides. The directions are simple and since Excalibur tubes include a study base we only need to secure the tube and control the angle, but how you may say? Easy!


Here is a simple way to make a mortar rack-style system in no time.

Suggested Supplies:
1. Mortar Tubes (provided)
2. Large cinder block(s)
3. Wind-proof lighter or torch
4. Sand (optional)

Firework Display:

1. Arrange tubes: Depending on the size of your display you will want to group the mortar tubes in pairs, or groups of two. For example place tube-pairs in a general square shape and place other fireworks such as cakes and fountains inside or around the "box" display.     

2. Place Blocks: If you want your display to shoot straight up simply place the cinder blocks over the tubes and push blocks down until they rest flat on-the-ground. You may have to slightly move the tubes in order to fit properly. This ensures that someone or something don't knock the tubes over during firing.

3. Control Angle: If you are shooting in an open area and want to control the angle of the breaks simply place small piles of sand under each pair of tubes before putting down the blocks. Push the tubes down into the sand and double check correct angles. Make sure to plan your breaks in designated areas or over water.

4. Wind Proof Torch: Use a windproof or flame-less torch to light artillery or aerial shells to provide more control and ensure accurate timing. Firework displays can be stressful and tedious on the host if a reliable flame-source is not present. Cigar lighters, garage torches and flexible fireplace lighters work best and can be found to fit any budget. 


No matter what pyrotechnics you choose for your celebration be sure to follow directions, be safe and have fun! For more information about how to shoot or obtain an Excalibur Artillery Shell visit a Jake's Firework's superstore today

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