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How To Use Social Media to Increase Firework Sales

As a firework dealer, you know how important it is to drive traffic to your stores during those few critical weeks of each year. Yet in the midst of your busiest season, it can be difficult to focus on ways to drive store traffic.

One way that we have been successful is by increasing our presence on social media like Facebook and Twitter. In this blog we will share with you some of the best practices, tips, and tricks we’ve found to be successful in increasing firework sales with social media.

Is Social Media Right For My Firework Business?

Let’s answer that question by looking at the stats.

  1. 70% of the U.S. population have at least one social networking profile
  2. 90% of young adults use social media (ages 18-29)
  3. Mothers with children under the age of five are the most active on social media
The fact is, your target audience is on social media, so if you want to get their attention, you should be there too

How Do I Set Up Facebook For My Firework Business?

If you haven’t already setup your business page on Facebook for your firework company, that’s where you could start. These are some tips:

  1. Set your cover photo: This is the wide picture across the top of your business page. We suggest using a picture of your store or tent for easy recognition when your customers are driving by.
  2. Set your profile picture. This is the smaller photo in the left corner of the cover photo. This is a good place for your company graphic or logo.
  3. In the About section, write your bio. Rather than just saying you are a fireworks company, tell visitors something unique about your store or stand. Are you near a popular place like Walmart? Or are you the only store that offers a certain selection of fireworks? Say that!
  4. Set your location. Make sure you list your location the exact same on Google, Yelp, Facebook, etc. It’s critical that the address is listed the exact same on each channel. This is outside of social media but you want that address to be the exact same to make it easy for Google to identify your information and connect the dots. Then when your customer searches for firework stands in your city, you’ll be likely to show up at the top.
  5. Add your phone number if applicable. This will help customers call you if they need directions or have a question.
  6. List your store hours.

How Do I Set Up Twitter For My Firework Business

Before you set up multiple social media accounts, make sure that you have a plan and resources to manage them. It’s better to start with one social media account and manage it well than to create multiple accounts that are unmanaged. If you’re ready for Twitter, here are some tips to setup your profile:

  1. Start by choosing your Twitter handle. For example, ours is @jakesfireworks.
  2. Set your banner photo. A picture of your store or tent for easy recognition is good.
  3. Set your profile picture. Your company logo is good for this.
  4. Write your bio. State your unique selling points for your store and your store hours since Twitter doesn’t have a specific field for hours. You might have to get creative- you only have 140 characters for your bio!
  5. Location. Make sure it matches what you use in other online directories exactly.

Create Engaging Content To Attract People To Your Firework Business!

Now that you have your profiles set up, you’re ready to begin creating engaging content to attract your target audience. Engaging content earns 73% more comments and 32% more likes - so it’s worth the extra effort to spend some time on creating cool content.  Here are some content ideas that we have used with great success:

  1. Use videos - simple GIFs of a firework in action are easy and low cost
  2. Host contests for a chance to win a prize. Our customers go crazy over free t-shirts and other fun giveaways.
  3. Use humor in your posts - you’re in the firework business, you’re not expected to be stuffy!
  4. Create like and share campaigns with a chance to win - this will help build the number of people who like and follow you.

Listen and Respond To Your Customers!

So now you’re set up on social media, you’re posting awesome content that engages your customers and convinces them to come to the store. At this point, it’s important to listen to comments and questions that customers ask you on social media and respond to them quickly.

Don’t Stop Being Social After The 4th of July.

We understand that your business is seasonal, but don’t let your social media accounts go completely cold the rest of the year. It’s okay to slow down the frequency of your posts, but continue to have social conversations with your customers even if it’s only a post a week. When next firework season rolls around, you’ll be glad that you did!

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