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Maximum Charge Multi-Shot Fireworks

The 3" 500 gram multi-shot fireworks category is characterized with having the legal maximum charge of 500 grams and lesser than normal shots, typically 9. This allows for more power to be packed into each shot. This results in bigger and louder breaks that cover the night sky. The effects are similar to premium grade artillery shells but have the added bonus of being a multi-shot cake that makes for a mini fireworks display. Light one fuse and get 9 powerful breaks.

World Class Fireworks has a wide selection in the 3" 500 gram multi-shot firework category. Here are just a few to highlight the selection available to our customers:

  • Battle Cry - 9 shots with silver glitter waterfall effect - How exciting can a firework be with only one color and one effect? Check out the HD video and see for yourself why less is more in this case.
  • Evil, Wicked, Mean & Nasty - 9 shots with blue and red glitter brocades and blue, red, green, orange dahlias. This beautiful cake has great color and the brocade/dahlia combination is very visually appealling.
  • Inked - 9 shots featuring white glitter sparkler effects paired with red and blue sparkler. The white glitter sparkler really stands out in this firework. This is a great Red, White, and Blue firework and a must for our customers who like the Red, White, and Blue finales.
  • Money Bags - 9 shots with great colors including skyblue, lemon, green, purple, and silver. This firework features brocade crown, star, and chrysanthemum effects. Very colorful firework with big breaks and a crackle finish.

From the featured products listed here you can see why this category is so popular. Every neighborhood show wants the big breaks to fill the sky with color and effects. One great way to achieve that is with the 3" 500 gram maximum charge fireworks from World Class.

For the whole selection of World Class 3" multi-shot fireworks.


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