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Patriotic DIY Summer Decorations

Photography: Juliana Sohn

Remember just a few months ago when you were bundled up in sweaters? Well don’t look now, but summer is almost upon us! If you’re in need of a few easy DIY projects to decorate for the Fourth of July, check out these four patriotic ideas from Michaels Craft Store and Martha Stewart Living. Whether you are a DIY pro or budding amateur, you will find these projects enjoyable and perfect for making your Independence Day fun and festive.

American Flag Mason Jars

An inviting, simple decoration for patio or outdoor use from Michaels Craft Store. LED candles look wonderful with the American flag as a backdrop. Flowers would also be a great substitute for the candles in an outdoor setting.

Small American flag
Mason jar
Mod Podge (or similar adhesive)
Jute twine
Foam Brush
LED Candle (if desired)


Remove flag from stick. Apply adhesive to the flag with a foam brush and adhere to the jar. Pour in sand and place a LED candle (or alternative decoration) on top. Wrap and knot jute around the top of the jar.

Fourth of July Patio-Chair Place Mats

These patriotic placemats are a classic throwback to summer days lounging in webbed patio chairs. Made out of webbing, they are easily washed down with water. Even better, they take only minutes to create, and are a perfect way to brighten a Memorial Day or Fourth of July BBQ. See the original post at marthastewart.com for suggested materials and a quick tutorial.

Patriotic Pillow Covers

Also from marthastewart.com, these friendly bolster pillows could not be easier to put together. Colorful fouta towels or large scarves make great covers. Gather these “covers,” rope, and a bolster pillow. Then, center the bolster along one edge of the towel or scarf, roll, and secure the ends with rope. See the finished product here.

Red, White and Blue Flag Painted Wood Pallet

An eye-catching decoration for the front porch, this painted wood pallet is great for the Fourth of July. Cheap pallets are a fairly easy find at local small business, who throw them away after unloading their products. Small garden and hardware stores, motorcycle shops, and power equipment stores often have a steady supply of of pallets waiting to be repurposed. Find the additional materials and step-by-step instructions from Michaels Craft Store.

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