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Reduce Product Costs With World Class Containers

Have you considered ordering World Class Fireworks by the container drop shipped directly to you?  This is a great way to reduce your product costs - but you need to start the ordering process now. 

The typical container of fireworks costs range from $40-50K and depending on the product mix you can expect 600-1000 cases of product.  The typical savings ranges from 20-30% off of the same product delivered through normal distribution in truckload quantities. 

Ordering containers also allows you to create your own product label(s), design your own custom family packs and much more.  There are minimums on these special services - talk to your Jake's salesperson for more information. 

If you are a fireworks retailer - it is definitely worth looking into our container program to reduce your product costs and improve your profitability.  Visit our Wholesale Fireworks page to see more offerings from Jake's


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