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The 2018 World Class Fireworks Shoot Off - Wholesale Firework Customers

Attention Wholesale Firework Customers!!!!

Get signed up for the biggest consumer fireworks demo of the year. The 2018 World Class Fireworks Shoot Off in Pittsburg, KS on April 13th & 14th.  Our annual demo showcases the new innovative products of 2018 plus some old favorites. 

  • If you have received an invitation RSVP here
  • If you have NOT receieved your invitation but would like to attend, please call our Sales staff at 620-231-2264 for more information.

The weekend kicks off Friday evening with a dinner and product showcase of our Cutting Edge Fireworks brand exclusively offered through our container dropship program.  At dusk we will perform product demo with our Cutting Edge brand showcasing over 80 items for you to see the power, quality and consistency of this great brand.




Saturday we start with a garage sale at 8 AM, first come first serve to get the best deals on overstock items.  Line up in our driveway early to be one of the first in the door.  Breakfast will be served. The list of garage sale items will be published shortly before the event.

The tradeshow opens at 10 AM and will feature the a showcase of World Class Fireworks products and Cutting Edge products.  There will also be a shop for banners and shirts, plus we will have artists ready to help you deisgn your custom shirts this year.  Demo the Back Yard Preview video system or try some virtual reality fireworks as part of our tradeshow this year. 

Seminars will begin at 3 PM and include talks on: promoting your locations, new customer acqusitions, pricing startegies, and much more.  We will also have a state of the industry talk from Mick Marietta, who will talk about the year to come and what we can expect going forward.  Afterward we will have a catered dinner and then go outside to get ready for the main event!  The World Class Fireworks DEMO


We will showcase over 80 World Class prodcuts including the new for 2018 products, which we are very excited to debut, plus some of the favorites from past seasons.  This impressive showcase is topped off with an unbeliveable finale featuring only the best fireworks available - World Class and Cutting Edge. 

After the demo join us back in the tradeshow area to meet with your sales people and unwind after the amazing show.

We will also be announcing an awesome drawing opportunity plus much more in days to come.  Stay up to date on our Shoot Off page here.

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