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Top 5 Fireworks For New Years Eve

2020 is coming to an end...let's celebrate the New Year with a BANG! Here are our picks for the Top 5 New Years Eve Fireworks! Click here to find a Jake's Fireworks store near you. 

#1 Excalibur Platinum

World Class Fireworks' Excalibur is the #1 selling artillery shell in the WORLD! In 2020, we released the Excalibur Platinum. These 5" artillery shells are BIGGER, LOUDER, and BRIGHTER than the original and feature MASSIVE colorful breaks and 24 unique effect and color combinations. Say "Goodbye!" to 2020 with the Excalibur Platinum! 

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#2 Glow Sticks

The kids will love Glow Sticks! This special product features a sparkler on one end and a glow bracelet on the other. Once the sparkler is done, wear the bracelet for nighttime fun!

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#3 Alpha Male

If you want to celebrate BIG and LOUD, Alpha Male is the answer. Not to mention, this massive finale cake features eye-catching glitter effects that are perfect for NYE! 

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#4 Bad Boy

Grab your neighbors' attention with Bad Boy! This HUGE finale cake features an astounding 220 shots with whistling and patriotic colors.

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#5 Sparklers

A New Year's Eve celebration would not be complete without sparklers! Loved by kids and adults alike, sparklers are a NYE fan favorite. Check out these 36" Morning Glory Sparklers which last a whopping three minutes! 

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